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sittingChris Bruckner, L.Ac, MSOM


How did I get interested in acupuncture?

I had been living with digestive difficulties on and off for nearly fifteen years. The doctors had one question regarding the symptoms I was describing: does he or does he not have an ulcer? After numerous GI tests and countless hours with physicians, some the best in their field, the answer was a resounding no.  They said I was fine and not to worry.  However I still had the pain and discomfort.

After years of special diets and popping antacids that never really worked I decided to try acupuncture.  The appointment was radically different from the sterile traditions of the physicians office. The practitioner took his time, asked questions, and did strange things like look at my tongue and take my pulse for three minutes.  After a very thorough exam and answering all of my questions he said okay we have a diagnosis.  This alone was a welcome relief from the previous “you don’t have an ulcer” explanation. “Acupuncture and herbs should do the trick, this one is not so complicated”, he said.  Not complicated?  I had been baffling a handful of doctors for so many years I thought I would give them nervous breakdowns.

To my surprise, I felt relief the first week of treatment. My digestion throughout treatment improved so much that something quite unexpected happened: I decided to become an acupuncturist.

I studied acupuncture at The Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences and received my masters degree in Oriental Medicine from South Baylo University where I graduated with honors.