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Our patients continually tell us about the deep relaxation they feel receiving acupuncture. For them it is not just about pain relief, which acupuncture is ideal, but about bringing the body into a complete state of relaxation where healing takes place. I am a board certified acupuncturist and herbalist dedicated to giving the best and most effective treatments to my patients. The bodies ability to heal itself comes from within and I strive to work with the bodies own natural immune response to achieve total health. 



Herbs are literally the first medicinals people used in treating disease. Truly an elegant branch of medicine, they heal the body at very deep levels. Indeed many pharmaceuticals are of herbal derivation. The Chinese developed a highly sophisticated and refined method of using herbs and herbal formulas. These formulas contain several herbs to address the complexities of various imbalances. As a qualified herbalist I construct herbal formulas that are unique for each  individual.


Good nutrition is your best insurance policy that will keep you away from my office. Not that I don’t like treating you, but if I can empower you with knowledge to make healthy choices our success becomes a greater reality. Food can heal and also can cause disease. It is my goal to give you healthy food options that will taste good as well.