Online scheduling
Please note: Massage appointments
available by phone reservation only.
Call (657) 333-5148 to book a massage

Conditions Treated

o   anxiety/depression
o   arthritis/joint problems
o   back pain
o   bladder/kidney problems
o  chronic conditions
o   constipation/diarrhea
o   colds/influenza
o   cough/bronchitis
o  digestive disorders
o   dizziness/vertigo
o   drug/alcohol/smoking
o   addiction
o   fatigue
o  fertility
o   gastrointestinal disorders
o   gynecological disorders
o   headache/migraine
o   heart problems/palpitations
o   high blood pressure
o   immune system deficiency
o   knee pain
o   menopausal discomfort
o   musculoskeletal injuries
o   pain
o   pre-menstrual syndrome
o   paralysis/numbness
o   rhinitis
o   sciatica
o   sexual dysfunction
o   side effects of chemotherapy
o   sinusitis
o   skin problems
o   stress/tension
o   stroke rehabilitation
o   tendonitis